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Junk Food

I just read that Dunkin Donuts is coming to Belgium.

Europeans, please! boycott American stores in Europe.

Americans, stop buying from European stores…

You are all ruining the fun of travel. I don’t want to find 7/11 all over Thailand (is Thailand going to become one giant 7/11?), the Gap in Athens, Starbucks in Kyoto, Le Pain Quotidien in New York, and SuperDry in Mulhouse. You don’t need Louis Vuitton and Hermes in Shanghai, Beijing, Tokyo, and Taizhou. These bags have so much more… class, when you buy them in Paris.

I actually enjoy discovering new things!

The food situation is the worst, now I can have junk food anytime, it’s not a guilty pleasure I enjoy once or twice per year when I visit North America. Those of you that travel to Bhutan, complain about the food and rant endlessly about McDonald’s, please stay home; and keep your corporations with you. Let’s maintain some decorum: bad food – UK; junk food – US; saucey food – France; bratwurst – Germany; Greek Yogurt – Greece (OK, OK, and Feta, no Feta in Denmark…); Soba – Japan; Chicken Feet – China; except Sushi, we should have fresh sushi everywhere.

So please people, try to discover and enjoy the countries you travel to for what they have to offer; enjoy coming home to re-discover what you left behind… eat waffles or frites with mayonnaise and don’t ruin it for the rest of us by going to Dunkin Frackin Donuts in Brussels!


Edit: now Burger King too… 😦