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Posted: April 17, 2014 in Brussels, Photography
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It’s Bluebell time in the Woods of Halle @ the occasion of the Brussels Photoresk meetup.

Some photos in difficult light conditions.


Indian Panorama X100

Posted: March 14, 2014 in Photography, Travels
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Here is a selection of (my much maligned) panoramas taken with the Fujifilm X100.

Day 2 – Visit to the Gateway of India and Bombay Harbour,

Panoramas and water… doesn’t work so well (except, see below)


Day 6 – Jaipur Pink City, the Palace

Jaipur Pink City

Busy streets of Jaipur, I like the effect on traffic 🙂

Jaipur Street

Fort Outside of Jaipur

Jaipur Fort Pano 2

Some different Lightroom adjustments

Jaipur Fort Pano 1


Jaipur Fort Pano 4

Some light

Jaipur Fort Pano 3

Day 7 – My favourite pano from Udaipur

Udaipur Pano 2

Day 8 – Palace of Udapiur, top to bottom pano

Udaipur Palace

Retro B&W

Udaipur Pano 1


Posted: March 11, 2014 in Photography
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It’s all out of order, these photos were taken on the penultimate day of my trip. Udaipur – Bombay via Delhi. A quick trip to Udaipur Airport, stopping only to buy flowers for Dashboard Ganesh [pictured here – out-of-focus :-(], a little argument with the taxi driver about overtaking a truck, on the cellphone, changing gears, dodging rickshaws, pedestrians, motorbikes, on a ‘highway’…

Leaving Udaipur-2

Last morning in Rajasthan

Leaving Udaipur

Ganesh keeps us safe…

Dashboard Ganesh

Spicejet, hot!


Delhi from the window seat

Window Seat Delhi 4

Window Seat Delhi 3

Window Seat Delhi 2

Window Seat Delhi 1

India Days 1 & 2

Posted: March 8, 2014 in Photography, Travels

I got a window seat hoping to take some nice pictures, unfortunately,

there were clouds for most of the flight.

Somewhere over Iran

Fortunately I got a few nice pictures over Iran

Somewhere over Iran-2


My first breakfast in India, Parsee!

Parsee Breakfast

Home for a few days!

Home in Bombay


After a nice relaxing day we went to the beach for a drink,

I caught a few moments of life around this family picnic

The Beach @ Night

The Beach @ Night-2

The Beach @ Night-3

The Beach @ Night-4

Some photos from last night’s drinks celebrating Erica’s new job in Stavanger.

A quick moment to relax before the party

A quick moment to relax before the party

View from the terrace

View from the terrace

Erica & Grand Place

More Cava!

More Cava!

Girls 5

A same hairstyle moments ;-)

A same hairstyle moment 😉

Serious discussions

Serious discussions

It's still summer!

It’s still summer!


Korean Sisterhood

Just the girls

Just the girls

And another with the photographer

And another with the photographer

Time for a group photo

Time for a group photo

Girls 3 Girls 2 Girls 1

Drinks above Brussels

Drinks above Brussels

Thanks Lingyun for hosting the party!

Thanks Lingyun for hosting the party!

Yoga, 10 positions

Posted: August 1, 2013 in Brussels, Photography
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[music: Three Times a Player – Pepe Deluxé]

Photo shoot at Haein’s new Yoga Studio in Brussels.

Last Friday we spent the afternoon walking on the Bisse du Milieu, from Planchouet to Haut-Nentaz and back to Planchouet by bus. Since the 13thC the Bisses of the Suisse Valais are irrigation canals that served to bring water to mills, turbines, textile factories, and water wheels. They criss-cross the Alps of the Valais and hiking paths follow alongside their paths.

After the walk we had a very nice lunch at the Auberge Les Bisses.

There are also a few photos from:

The Simplon Pass, a fascinating pass famous for brigands, smugglers (of salt to avoid… taxes of course), it’s tunnel, and where Napoleon decided would be the quickest route to bring munitions to Italy.

Saillion, a small hillside village in the Valais, most famous for it’s Thermal Baths.