Here is a list of links regarding information about living in Brussels. If you have additional information that would help others, let me know in a comment and I will include them in the summary 🙂

Here is a great site from the Belgian Embassy in Washington to better understand moving to Belgium, for work or for study. This site is specific to US Citizens. For more general information, you need to check on your local Belgian Embassy’s website, or you can start by read the information found on the site of Belgian Foreign Affairs.

Information about obtaining a Belgian Police Clearance Certificate.

Here is also an excellent site to better understand some of the administrative aspects of living in Belgium (available in multiple languages).

Here is a site that covers Europe.

Studying in Belgium

If you want to better understand the studying situation, most universities have some information, for example, ULB has quite a bit of information for international students and additional guidance for non-EU students. On the cost of studying, you can read about the basic registration fees all students have to pay and the additional fees for non-EU citizens.

Work Permits

Everything you ever wanted to know about Belgian work permits but were afraid to ask…

Legal Cohabitation

You can find a lot of information about legal cohabitation on the internet. The City of Brussels, for example, has some useful information. There is public service information that can also be found in English, French, German or Dutch (top left tabs).


There are special requirements if you want to bring your pet to Belgium from the US.


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