#1 Punch

25 Cigars – Hand Made In Spanish Honduras by Honduras American Tobaco, S.A.

Presidentes – English Market Selection

Imported Vintage Long Filler – Sun Grown Cuban Seed Wrapper

I received three of these cigar boxes from Hook. In addition to cigars, at some point these boxes must have contained miniature Confederate and Union soldiers to play The Dark and Bloody Ground, Civil War re-enactment rules. The toy soldiers are gone, but one solider does remain, William Robert K., my grandfather who became a Ensign in the US Navy on the 21st of March 1942 as an Assistant Civil Engineer.

Punch Presidentes

There are photos of him, in and out of uniform, his unit, a panoramic view of Kodiak Alaska “home of the world’s largest bear. Many famous sportsmen come each year to hunt the Kodiak Bear, which is to be found only on Kodiak Island. Kodiak is also an important army and naval base.”

There’s a poem (& a picture of a girl): Roses are Red,  Violets are Blue, Don’t look for a a check, We’re wishing’ to you, A Halloween, That’s a lulu or 2, Tho your hostesses, Never came over to gab, A week from this Monday, We’ll have a Con-fab!

There are a few newspaper clippings announcing his marriage to Marilyn, “they are at home in San Francisco, Calif.” – I never knew that.

There’s a 1943 Christmas Card from the 29th USN CB, the location is in Alaska, but the base has been redacted.

In many of the pictures, he has a camera, so I guess he was the one that took the photos of all of the nameless young women I am flipping through. There are some of my grandmother too! The photos in the envelope labelled 1943-4, are all with Marilyn.

The contents of this box give me a snapshot of William Robert K during the Second World War. It’s far from a complete picture of the man. I have a box of his war-time letters sitting in a closet Greece, I will have to re-unite the two.

[music: Le Vent Nous Portera – Noir Désir]

William Robert K.

  1. Hook says:

    I’m in getting-edited mode right now, so I can’t resist turning the tables. I believe something is missing from “the nameless young women I can flipping through” and “I have a box of his war-time letters sitting in a closed Greece,” I knew Greece was damn-near bankrupt, but I didn’t realize it had actually locked its doors.

  2. Just George says:

    Hook! Thanks for the editorial comments.

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