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Bullying and Betrayal

Posted: July 30, 2016 in Uncategorized

The Chicago Tribune leads with “DNC betrayed Bernie Sanders and the rest of America” and concludes with vote for Hillary.

This is both confusing and infuriating. What is the reaction of a country with that holds itself in the highest esteem with regards to its ‘Democratic’ credentials? What’s the outcome of betraying America? Vote for the Betrayer… Vote for the Betrayer?


The Electoral System

The Chicago Tribune is correct, the DNC and  Hillary Clinton cheated Bernie Sanders and his supporters out of an election; they subverted the democratic process for personal gain. The lead conspirator, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, was just rewarded for her actions by Hillary Clinton.

It took Wikileaks to hold the DNC accountable and instead of responding in an adult manner, they responded like a truly guilty party and accused Russia of being behind the plot of… behind the plot of revealing just how corrupt the DNC really is.

The Fourth Estate has also largely abdicated is responsibilities of holding the powerful to account. The US press has become a tool to entertain and indoctrinate.

Bernie Sanders supporters are not upset that they lost the primaries, they are upset that the primaries were stolen, they were cheated, tricked, duped, hoodwinked. The core values of America, the Core Value of America was shown to be rotten. Being cheated is a far more powerful emotion than losing; Sanders supporters have a sense of injustice and betrayal, not only by the DNC but by the country in the form of the ‘Establishment’.

Instead of trying to mend bridges, the DNC insulted these supporters and encouraged Hillary Clinton supporters to do the same. While was may all disagree, even vehemently on the candidates, Sanders supporters have received personal attacks, ‘you’re being childish, grown up, you’re ridiculous, entitled, narcissistic, a Trump supporter.’ Instead of recognizing the very real and legitimate feeling of betrayal, Clinton supporters have been bullying the very constituency they need to win an election. These personal attacks do not come from the ‘uneducated classes’ that they mock Trump supporters of hailing from, no these bullies are academics, business leaders, doctors, lawyers, professionals (mostly the entitled).

Ridiculing and demeaning those that have a legitimate grievance is crass. The treatment of Sanders supporters by the DNC has been deplorable, no wonder #DemExit is so popular.

We could have come to accept Hillary Clinton in normal circumstances, gotten past  lies and emails, secret ties to Goldman Sachs and Saudi Arabia. But her behaviour over the past weeks have confirmed that nothing has changed. She is the same woman that flew into ‘Bosnia under fire‘. Hillary Clinton does not misspeak, she lies. A vote for Clinton is a vote for less Democracy, less accountability, a weaker country.

What should happen now? If this were another country, Americans (educated and ‘uneducated’) would say that the transgressors should be barred from the elections, barred from politics, fined, thrown in jail. So dear Chicago Tribune, we can’t just simply conclude ‘Vote for the Betrayer’ when the crime has been Betraying America – does America have no standards it is not willing to discard? Can we agree to hold the line at ‘Electoral Fairness’?

So now the vast majority of Americans that have an intense dislike, disdain for both Trump and Clinton are presented with an dilemma:

  1. Vote for a liar and subverter of Democracy: Hillary Clinton
  2. Legitimate candidate but Fascist tendencies: Donald Trump
  3. 3rd Party Candidate not Fascist nor a Cheater, unlikely to win: Green, Libertarian

Every election in the history of elections is touted as being “The Most Important election in the History of Elections” – this is simply not true. There is a balance of powers, the President is not a Dictator and cannot simply impose his will.

Most Americans will be going to the polls holding their noses at the stench presented to them. There will likely be no favorable outcome to this year’s election. So I encourage voters to take a long term view, as they will live with the consequences for the rest of their lives. Perhaps we should be looking ahead to whom we would like to see as Candidates in 2020.