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4 Ways to the Future

Posted: April 17, 2016 in Uncategorized


This election is a battle between the establishment and disenfranchised voters. There are 4 faces in this battle, but the sides can perhaps be best framed using the ‘Inverted Totalitarianism‘ framework proposed by Sheldon Wolin:

  • corporations run the US government through ‘contributions’ and ‘lobbying’
  • voter apathy is an objective of political parties (though disenfranchisement)
  • press is subverted as an instrument of propaganda

Sanders supporters would certainly recognize these tactics; the corporate influence of Wall Street on Congress and the President is at the core of Sanders’ platform; the Democratic Party has been accused of ignoring voter wishes (with the Super-delegate system); and the press has widely been criticized of a ‘Sanders blackout’.

Trump has also lashed out at the Republican establishment and also lent his support to Sanders.

There is substantial evidence to support the idea of Inverted Totalitarianism: Citizens United, declining middle-class, increasing Gini-coefficient (measure of income distribution), attack on a press owned by corporations by the executive branch over the past 4 years, and a democratic system that is institutionally biased in favor of the Democratic and Republican Parties.

I have to wonder if it is not an unsaid objective of the US government to economically ‘enslave’ its citizens from the moment they graduate from high school or university by permitting unethical loans, enabling personal debt, through exorbitant university education fees debt, or through medical costs (the #1 reason for personal bankruptcy is medical expenses – 78% of the individuals who went bankrupt had medical insurance).

Here’s a little mental challenge, try to determine the President that pushed the following initiatives:

  • comprehensive immigration reform (Bush)
  • least transparent (Obama)
  • deregulation of banks (Clinton)
  • greatest budget surplus (Clinton)

…the list can go on; the truth is that while the rhetoric between parties is strident and highly charged (to rally their base), there is no substantial difference between the two party’s actions. This situation gave rise to the ‘Tea Party’ movement; believe what you will of this movement, it was the most ‘democratic’ movement the United States has seen in decades, people demanding that their elected officials represent their views, and holding their elected officials to account.

The best outcome I can see for this election’s primaries is a 4 way race of President. All sides would be represented, anti-establishement and establishment on both the right and ‘left’ (less right) side of the spectrum.

Many supporters have indicated that they would not vote if their candidate were not to appear on the ballot. I believe that this is a mistake; 2016 is the year where citizens will finally be able to vote for the further entrenchment of a US flavored totalitarian system or for change. Not to vote is a vote for apathy and plays into the Democratic-Republican alliance for continued power sharing.