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One year in

Posted: September 19, 2015 in Uncategorized
Tortuous Path

Tortuous Path

Korea is a land of paradox.

It’s touted as an ‘innovation’ economy, but innovation remains its biggest hurdle as the country struggles to avoid a well worn road to Japanese economic stagnation.

Korean children are the world’s most educated, yet they are committing suicide in record numbers.

It’s a model of societal technological integration, however, much of these advances are ‘local’, un-exportable, and inaccessible to foreigners.

Korean entertainment media is at the forefront of culture; K-Pop and TV-dramas have a global audience, yet principles of Confucianism still dominates interpersonal relations.

It has an impressive record of companies in the ‘Fortune 500’, yet these companies are increasingly being shunned by foreign investors as they resist pressure to change from outdated and shady models of corporate governance.

It’s going to be a tortuous path for Korea, coping with an aeging population, innovation gap, falling corporate profits, and Korean youth wanting to emigrate abroad for a ‘brighter future.

‘One year in’ I have few definite conclusions, but as the only foreigner in one of Korea’s leading firms, I will try to share some of the insights I have gained over the past year in this next series of posts.