Don’t poke a bear

Posted: March 6, 2014 in Uncategorized
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My thoughts on Ukraine and predictions for what follows.

Kerry and Ashton pick a fight with Putin by reneging on a good deal over the impasse in Ukraine. Putin strikes back, Kerry and Ashton go down – KO with a single punch. Crimea is irrevocably lost.

Angela has too much at stake to risk further conflict thanks to Schröder’s suspiciously conflicted past dealings with Russia (he sponsors a pipeline as Chancellor and then goes on to run the Russian backed company afterwards – go figure). So the EU will do nothing but whine (the economics are against action), and whine, and whine.

Using official State Department Vernacular (SDV) Nuland and her friends find that Putin has not only fucked Europe but also the USA, who has no real options in Ukraine. So the West picks a fight, is taken down in seconds, and now has to foot a>35€ billion bill for medical expenses. Ooops Ms Ashton and Mr Kerry.

Ukraine’s EU supporters loose big time.

But that’s not all Ms Nuland! The USA is double fucked (SDV) as we all wake up to a bi-polar world, Ooops Mr Kerry.

Soon, the USA will find herself gang banged (SDV) as the ever observant China now has the green light to assert itself in the South China Sea. Japan will whine, the USA will bark, and we will all wake up to a multi-polar world. Ooops Mr Kerry.

Ever observant tyrants will adapt to the latest world order and the West will sorely regret having ever poked that bear…

Thank you Mr. Kerry and Ms. Ashton for being such… well, use your own SDV.



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