Bisse du Milieu

Posted: July 30, 2013 in Photography, Travels
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Last Friday we spent the afternoon walking on the Bisse du Milieu, from Planchouet to Haut-Nentaz and back to Planchouet by bus. Since the 13thC the Bisses of the Suisse Valais are irrigation canals that served to bring water to mills, turbines, textile factories, and water wheels. They criss-cross the Alps of the Valais and hiking paths follow alongside their paths.

After the walk we had a very nice lunch at the Auberge Les Bisses.

There are also a few photos from:

The Simplon Pass, a fascinating pass famous for brigands, smugglers (of salt to avoid… taxes of course), it’s tunnel, and where Napoleon decided would be the quickest route to bring munitions to Italy.

Saillion, a small hillside village in the Valais, most famous for it’s Thermal Baths.

  1. RvdN says:

    I remember , in the early eighties , the water was so pure we used to dilute our whiskey with it when having our early ‘aperitifs’ int he mountains. Valais is one of the most beautiful area in Switzerland.

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