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Last Friday we spent the afternoon walking on the Bisse du Milieu, from Planchouet to Haut-Nentaz and back to Planchouet by bus. Since the 13thC the Bisses of the Suisse Valais are irrigation canals that served to bring water to mills, turbines, textile factories, and water wheels. They criss-cross the Alps of the Valais and hiking paths follow alongside their paths.

After the walk we had a very nice lunch at the Auberge Les Bisses.

There are also a few photos from:

The Simplon Pass, a fascinating pass famous for brigands, smugglers (of salt to avoid… taxes of course), it’s tunnel, and where Napoleon decided would be the quickest route to bring munitions to Italy.

Saillion, a small hillside village in the Valais, most famous for it’s Thermal Baths.


Photo Shoot Top 6

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[Music:  Otello – Verdi / Die Walkure – Wagner]

A few photos from the Verbier Music Festival.

Low light conditions, so grainy and some blur where there was too much movement but some nice shots nevertheless of the musicians getting ready for what turned out to be an amazing performance. If you recognise the musicians, leave their names in the comments, if you want a picture, drop me a note 🙂

[music: One of these days – Pink Floyd]

Here is the final instalment of the use of Katha in Sak Yant Buddhist Tattoos. Mostly black & white to favour the contrast, I included some colour photos as Tattoo #1 includes some red lines that are nice to see.

Once again, a big thanks to Pat Dee Wan for allowing me to observe.

And listen to the music as you look at the pictures, it is what Pat plays as he works 🙂



Photo Competitions

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OK, they are small local competitions, but here are two entries that earned me a prize:

Chocolates and a Pedometer 😀

Fans of Flanders

Gent Train Station Bike Vibrant

Mutualité Chrétienne

en marche concour

Pat works to the music of Pink Floyd, which suits me fine.

While working on the previous post, I came across this link on Facebook, some beautiful tattoo photography.

Pics from the travellers from Paris, next up, the session.

[music: Pink Floyd]

Last week, I was invited to the Sak Yant (traditional thai) inking of a friend of mine. A Sak Yant is a prayer in the form of a tattoo that has powers of protection or good-luck that can be activated by a Buddhist Monk. In Brussels, you can have the activation done at the Wat Thai Dhammaram.

We met in the centre and headed to meet the only recognised Sak Yant Artist in Europe,  Pat Dee Wan at Ritual Tattoo.

After taking Pat’s dog our for a walk, we were ushered upstairs into his studio as he was finishing up with a young vietnamese man from Paris. We chatted with the young man and his friends while Pat finished up and gave some advice on what to visit before they headed back to Paris; most of Pat’s customers come from around Europe.

After a quick break, Pat got started and I spent the next 3 hours chatting with Pat about tattoos, baseball, and snakes… …and taking photos.

250 photos later we shook hands and I promised to think about close-up snake photography.

Here’s a montage of Tattoo #1; more pictures coming soon.

The Tattoo