City of Four Faces

Posted: December 20, 2012 in Uncategorized

[music: Find the River – REM]

How well I play pool is not so significant, what is important is how well I choose a partner.

Phnom Penh is where the Mekong and Tongle Sap rivers meet; they cross in an ‘X’. It is an attaching and moving city, I met a full cross-section of society in just a few days: politicians, officers, prostitutes, children selling odds and ends to pay for school, schoolteachers, drivers, expats, exiles, travellers, students, con men, fortune tellers, shop keepers, NGO workers… I will remember the smiles, the laughter and tears, the honesty and deception, the optimism and resignation, the weight and weightlessness of history… the Pearl of Asia had a life lesson for me.

Here are some photos:



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