Angkor Day III – the ruins of Beng Melea

Posted: December 18, 2012 in Photography, Travels

[music: Avalanche IV – Jean-Louis Murat]

Angkor was the largest pre-industrial city in the world, 1,000 square kilometres (roughly the size of Berlin or Bangkok) and up to 1 million inhabitants in the 10th -14th C.

Although there are far fewer tourists at Beng Melea than at the principal site of Angkor Wat, they and their litter are still plentiful. The site is under the shade and quite a relaxing visit after the 2 hours it takes to cover 40 kilometres from Siem Reap. On day 3 of my visit, I was accompanied by my new Australian friend Paul from Days 1 & 2 and we set off again with the professional guides from beyond.unique escapes

Here we are stopping for gas and snacks.



We then stopped at a stream, and met these children about to take a swim.

Beng Melea, reminds me of a poem.

What is it with people’s inability to put things in the trash?


CMAC – Cambodia Mine Action Center sign. Two takes on the sign, any preferences?


Next up: Psah Chas of Siem Reap and the city of Four Faces.

  1. Hook says:

    Of the two sign pictures, I prefer the second, since it’s legible there. That, however, is how an engineer’s mind works and I can understand that others may prefer the illegible version for other reasons. Continuing my technological theme, I notice that there is no evidence of mortar, so all these marvelous structures must have been laid up dry. On the other hand, many of the blocks have carefully laid out and drilled holes in them. I’d assign those to modern restoration or something, but there seems no reason to go to all that effort and then just leave the stones in situ, Were they really pinned together in 1200 AD? With what?

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