Mysterious Winter

Posted: December 12, 2012 in Uncategorized

[music: White Winter Hymnal – Fleet Foxes]

View from the window of our bus from Eupen to Monschau. We were on a photo walk to see a ‘typical’ Germanic village Christmas Market (these photos up next). I wiped a patch of condensation from the bus window and took photos. The condensation was useful for an ‘old school’ photo effect. I used different pre-sets to try and create different moods. I selected three to work with; here is the result.

I find these photos evocative, of what I don’t know quite yet. window 2 vibrant window 3 koh tao window 4 ATOD window 6 ATOD window 7 ATOD window 5 Koh Tao

Here’s another take on the White Winter Hymnal by Birdy.


  1. Hook says:

    Wow! Ya’ll have snow. Today we set another Chicago record for longest stretch without any measurable snow. Mysterious indeed.

  2. delna says:

    wow – these are some stunning pictures geroge – love em all

  3. delna says:

    wow – these are some stunning pictures george – love em all

  4. […] The following pictures are perspectives of Norway, mostly landscapes. All of these photos were caught with Fujifilm X1oo and post-processed in Lightroom, mostly on a preset I call Bergen Blue. I was looking for mood and movement. I removed all of the colours except for blue, which is barely perceptible in some of the pictures. A Nordic follow-up to Mysterious Winter. […]

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