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City of Four Faces

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How well I play pool is not so significant, what is important is how well I choose a partner.

Phnom Penh is where the Mekong and Tongle Sap rivers meet; they cross in an ‘X’. It is an attaching and moving city, I met a full cross-section of society in just a few days: politicians, officers, prostitutes, children selling odds and ends to pay for school, schoolteachers, drivers, expats, exiles, travellers, students, con men, fortune tellers, shop keepers, NGO workers… I will remember the smiles, the laughter and tears, the honesty and deception, the optimism and resignation, the weight and weightlessness of history… the Pearl of Asia had a life lesson for me.

Here are some photos:



Next Post “The Killing Fields”


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Angkor was the largest pre-industrial city in the world, 1,000 square kilometres (roughly the size of Berlin or Bangkok) and up to 1 million inhabitants in the 10th -14th C.

Although there are far fewer tourists at Beng Melea than at the principal site of Angkor Wat, they and their litter are still plentiful. The site is under the shade and quite a relaxing visit after the 2 hours it takes to cover 40 kilometres from Siem Reap. On day 3 of my visit, I was accompanied by my new Australian friend Paul from Days 1 & 2 and we set off again with the professional guides from beyond.unique escapes

Here we are stopping for gas and snacks.



We then stopped at a stream, and met these children about to take a swim.

Beng Melea, reminds me of a poem.

What is it with people’s inability to put things in the trash?


CMAC – Cambodia Mine Action Center sign. Two takes on the sign, any preferences?


Next up: Psah Chas of Siem Reap and the city of Four Faces.

Angkor Wat Day II

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[Music: Tristan und Isolde – Wagner]

Here are some photos from Angkor Wat, Day 2 of my visit with beyond.unique escapes

Here is a link to my last post on the sites of Angkor Wat. I will try and finish the rest of the posts of my trip before the end of his year 🙂

Christmas Market in Monschau

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[music: Winter – Vivaldi ]

On the train ride down: wine, bread, cheese, mandarines, chocolate, pistachios.

Monschau: Glühwein, Schnaps, wurst, potatoes fried in oil with applesauce.

On the way home: saucisson sec, Absinthe and some strange drink Claus made us try 😉  and some portrait lessons in the train (see on right).

photo taken by Jason Pogacnik

photo taken by Jason Pogacnik

The stated reason for our trip was a photo walk to a typical German Christmas Market, but the end result was plenty of snacks and alcohol. The company was great, the weather cold, the drinks were warm, and all in all it was a very pleasant trip.

Mysterious Winter

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[music: White Winter Hymnal – Fleet Foxes]

View from the window of our bus from Eupen to Monschau. We were on a photo walk to see a ‘typical’ Germanic village Christmas Market (these photos up next). I wiped a patch of condensation from the bus window and took photos. The condensation was useful for an ‘old school’ photo effect. I used different pre-sets to try and create different moods. I selected three to work with; here is the result.

I find these photos evocative, of what I don’t know quite yet. window 2 vibrant window 3 koh tao window 4 ATOD window 6 ATOD window 7 ATOD window 5 Koh Tao

Here’s another take on the White Winter Hymnal by Birdy.