Big Jet Plane

Posted: November 28, 2012 in Mindfulness, Travels

[music: Big Jet Plane – Angus & Julia Stone] ~ acoustic version 🙂

As the pilot applies full throttle, the jumbo jet accelerates down the runway. Moving at 300 kilometers per hour, they approach the end of the runway and the overrun area comes fully into view, the nose begins to lift. It’s too late to abort.

Some decisions are like this. Once you start down certain paths and set things in motion, changing your mind comes with serious consequences. People make these mistakes, managers make these mistakes, nations make these mistakes.

Air travel gives us a new views of our planet and allows us to reach places we might never had had the opportunity to visit. It also prevents us from discovering the land and people below, obscures opportunity. It’s fast, easy, cheap… modern?

Sometimes we can jump on and off and take a breath in somewhere new.

Not all decisions require commitment, not all journeys require defined destinations, and it’s useful to understand the difference.

  1. Reader says:

    Just like purchasing a plane ticket, you have to think about and plan where you are going to go. You could say that life choices are like purchasing a plane ticket, yes? You would not buy a ticket at random and go wherever it takes you, would you? The things you choose to do in life should be treated the same. The more you plan, the better the trip.

  2. Just George says:

    I wouldn’t buy a plane ticket at random. I guess my point is that there are two ways of travel, when you buy a plane ticket, you are committed to your destination.
    When you buy a train ticket, you can get on and off the train and even change destinations along the journey.

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