October Part IV

Posted: October 22, 2012 in Brussels, Photography

[music: Requiem – Mozart]

I took these pictures yesterday on a trip to the Jardin Botanique National de Belgique. I mostly used my ‘Angkor Temple of Doom Lightroom’ preset, I think that it worked out pretty well.

  1. Hook says:

    So that “look” is set inside the camera? I just assumed it was something that you fooled with afterward in some software package. Hmmm. While the pictures certainly do look nice, I don’t see the degree of pixelization or whatever it’s called that I recall from your earlier shots.

    I could really picture the smoker as a no-nonsense fish-hawker or bar-maid. Very fun.

    • Just George says:

      It is post-processing. I created a pre-set in Lightroom that I first used for the photos I took in Angkor-Wat. I found that it works well also for Belgium.

      The pixelization from the earlier shots is because I use a ‘comic book’ effect. The point of some of the earlier shots is not the quality of the photo, per se.

      I’ll let the young lady know…

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