October Part 1 – Palmistry

Posted: September 21, 2012 in Travels
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[music: Heartlines – FATM]

“Sir! You are going to have a lucky month of October!” a middle-aged Indian man proclaimed loudly pointing at me, minding my own business walking down Sisowath Quay. Bemused, I let him take my arm. “I am a Yogi, sir. Let me read your palm.”

I had just spent time on the “my daughter is a nurse moving to [insert name of country you are from]. Can I talk to you for a few minutes about what it is like to live in [insert name of country again]” story, with two ‘gentlemen’ with an exceptionally good knowledge of geography. More on this amusing episode later.

I declined his kind offer to have my palm read. But I now, I regret passing up this experience. So I am posting my palms for all to read. Bonus marks for reading the noodles 😉

In all seriousness, I did have my palm read once. The memory of when and where is a little fuzzy (if anybody reading this blog remembers, please remind me) although I am sure it was at the occasion of a University party… state of mind at the time notwithstanding, the prognosis was incredibly accurate, and the individual predictions quite specific. The final prediction from this early palm reading happens in the stage of my life I am currently in.

Daniel, fellow traveller spoke to me of an Italian journalist, Tiziano Terzani  (witnessed the falls of Saigon and Phnom Penh) and his experience with fortune tellers. So I am going to keep an open mind – and open palms.

  1. Edmon says:

    Well I do remember a conversation a couple of weeks ago we had around a giant burger with French fries and beer that you mentioned that October was going to be a turning point month in decision taking….Btw burger time next week?

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