Eliminating Hesitation – the Pizza Walk

Posted: July 18, 2012 in Change
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[music: Le Vent Nous Portera – Noir Désir]

This is a Summer Exercise for all of my readers, it’s called the Pizza Walk Experience. It’s designed to eliminate hesitation; the task is very simple: “Go into three shops over the next week & make an absurd request.”

I did my Pizza Walk Experience this week. I was going to start with Corné Port-Royal. But every time I approached the shop, I started to laugh out loud. So I decided to ask for a Ham-Pinnaple Pizza at Quick. The experience was exactly as described; I was nervous, my stomach was telling me that this was definitely not a good idea. I waited my turn and when I got to the counter, with a straight face,  I asked “Could I have a ham and pineapple pizza please.”

“Pizza?” an astonished girl replied.

“With ham and pineapple.”

“We don’t sell pizza here.”

“Isn’t this a Chinese restaurant?”

“This is a establishment that sells hamburgers.”

“Ah, well have a nice day then.” – I left feeling elated.

My next stops were: Corné Port-Royal (chocolate boutique) to ask for an espresso and Voyageurs du Monde (travel agency) to enquire what kind of backpacks they had in stock. My experience is that the longer you can draw it out, the more absurd you can make it, the more fun it will be.

So – if you read this blog be a good sport and take the time to do this exercise and write about it in the comments.* Do the first one today – write while it’s fresh. Here are some suggestions: ask for jet fuel at the gas station (to make your car go faster), ask for a Hemès scarf at Louis Vuitton, ask for MSG on your food at a bio-restaurant, a Samsung Galaxy at the Apple Store, a car wash at a dry cleaner, a pepper mill at a Peugeot car dealer, a BMW at a Ford dealer… Use your imagination and try it – 3 absurd requests over the next 7 days, starting today. You will be amazed.

* call it my need for external cyber-validation 🙂

  1. This sounds like a really fun exercise, but also a challenging one! I’d like to think I’m confident and bold when I need to be, but even I would get pretty nervous asking such outrageous questions. I guess maybe my biggest fear is looking like a fool, which is no reason to ever not try something. Great post!

    • Just George says:

      I think that our ‘fear’ is why it is a great exercise; the fear is completely irrational. You will see that the whole workup to the event is quite insightful. I actually tried a couple of days before I could be confident enough of keeping a straight face. I choose the burger place because the fear was the lowest. When I got to the cash register at the burger place, there was a 17 year old girl behind the register, rationally 0-risk (what is the girl going to do? she is more embarrassed than you are!), emotionally…
      I see from your blog that you are an entrepreneur in PR. I would be interested in your observations.
      On my side, I am going to work myself up to greater challenges. I am in an airport tomorrow, I am going to go to the ticket counter to try and buy a train ticket. I will insist that I am afraid of flying and the train is much safer. 🙂

  2. Efmond says:

    George, careful at airports they don’t have a real sence of humour they migth take you for a terrorist and hold you in custody! But My wife doesn’t allow me to take the micky out of people anymorecso I can sympathise with your pleasures! Enjoy!

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