Setting Out

Posted: July 6, 2012 in IdeoKoan 圖像公案

[music: Sail Away – David Gray]

New things are terrifying to people; most need familiar routines. Fear of the unpredictable can be a cause of death; some people would rather kill themselves rather than face an uncertain and unknown future.

It takes courage to deal with new things.

  1. hook says:

    I see the ability to deal with change as one of the fundamental divides in society. Inability to deal with change is the underlying cause of racism and disbelief in global warming and the general stagnation of much of the population. Desire for change causes all sorts of anti-social behavior (see my “Angry Young Men”) but it also got women the right to vote and ended slavery.

  2. Just George says:

    I expanded on this idea today. I am trying to look at it from all angles. But I fundamentally think that most people don’t want change – themselves or the world around them. We are all sold on the concept “Change You Can Believe In” – but in the end, only a few really want it.
    As you mention in another comment, the desire for change go women the right to vote and ended slavery, it also brought us two World Wars. I am going to focus less on the outcomes (other than personal) but more on the process, and the processes that I think lead to ‘positive’ outcomes.

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