Unpredictable Things…

Posted: July 4, 2012 in Mindfulness

[music: Slug – Passengers]

July will be the month of unpredictable things. For me, every month this year has been full of unpredictable events, but here goes, I’ll raise my glass to yet another month of the unexpected.

On the 1st of July (Canada Day, by the way), Cyprus took over the Presidency of the European Union. I celebrated by visiting MAPPING CYPRUS: CRUSADERS, TRADERS AND EXPLORERS. I should have celebrated my Spanish lessons by taking a walk in Sabadell.

The exhibit was unexpectedly bad. Entirely centered around religious iconography and maps, with a cursory look at history. I found that the Othello connection was the most interesting part, but hardly worth a trip. Overall, they attempted to stay away from the controversial and succeeded;  nothing crossed the green line.

Laurence Durell’s Bitter Lemons is more informative and entertaining.

My quest to see the Euro-Cup Final was more interesting. It started out in Place Lux, which was packed, then moved towards Matonge before being intercepted by free tickets to Couleur Café.

I started to ask myself how many unexpected things have happened these past days. In the past, how many chances have passed me by because being entrenched in my way of thinking?  Have I listened and observed carefully enough, have I been present? Have I been to focussed on myself and not the people and environment around me? Am I sufficiently aware and receptive to the unpredictable?

Let’s see what happens in July…


  1. hook says:

    So, does WordPress have spell check? Cyrpus is not on my map. As for being open to the unexpected, it’s like my German grandpa said, “Too soon old, too late schmart.”

  2. Edmond says:

    The course of life is unpredictable, no one can write his autobiography in advance.

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