My favourite Greek joke

Posted: June 5, 2012 in Greece

[music: For Emma, Forever Ago – Bon Iver]

One day, God looked down at his creation and was happy. “I will reward Man today” he thought to himself.

The first place he visits is France. “Good morning” God said to a a Frenchman walking his dog “I have seen that Mankind has done good things today, and I would like to reward you. You have a wish.”

The Frenchman thought for a moment and replied, “Well my neighbour has this magnificent wine cellar, hundreds of bottles, very nice vintages. All of us in town are quite envious of this wine cellar.” The Frenchman looked God square in the eyes. “I would like a better wine cellar, more wine, better vintages.”

God made it so. The Frenchman was delighted when he saw thousands of bottles lining a magnificent cellar, vintages so rare that even the Baron Rothschild himself would not posses. “Now the whole town will be envious of my cellar” the Frenchman crowed.

Pleased with his work, God decided to visit Germany. He repeated his story to a middle aged German grilling wurst in his garden. “You have a wish.”

The German thought a few minutes, “My neighbour has this beautiful BMW, the whole neighbourhood listens to the powerful sound of this car’s engine, it is like music to our ears.” Turning his wursts, the German continued, “I would like a nicer car, with a bigger engine, more powerful, I want the whole town to notice me when I drive by.”

God made it so. When the German saw his new car, he left his wursts to burn. He squealed at the roar of the engine and it was so mighty that in the next town over they started to hum. “I am so happy” he said, squeezing God’s hand, “it is the most exquisite machine I have ever beheld.”

Pleased again with his work, God spotted a Greek island villager gathering wild grass for dinner. He repeated his story to the Greek. “You have a wish”

Without hesitation the Greek replied, “My neighbour has this beautiful goat, it produces liters and liters of delicious milk and they make a cheese that is known across the whole island. Some even ship it to Athens”.

God interrupts, “So you want a goat that produces more milk, even more delicious, whose cheese will be know across all of Greece?”

Indignant, the villager raised his arms and cried,”Of course not! I want to you to kill his goat.”

  1. Sounds like Italy! Just a few days ago, Italo, the new fast train that has become a competitor of Ferrovie dello Stato, has opened a new ticket office in the station of Roma Ostiense. On the first day, the passengers found a long fence in the station, built overnight to prevent them from reaching the new train easily.
    “Invest in obstacles” is the motto of the Italian economy.
    Italians and Greeks: “una faccia una razza”!

  2. Dina says:

    Hi, was looking for this joke online… because my sister tried to tell it to dad (I have an illustration on my blog)…. very funny….

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